Web Application Penetration Testing Services

Find vulnerabilities in your application

Functionality and usability are often the primary concerns in development, leaving security as an afterthought. Web App Penetration Tests are the most effective technique for identifying security flaws. We review your entire application, including the front-end, back-end, and underlying hosting architecture to ensure your applications and databases are secure.

Application Security

Our AppSec experts will review your software from both an outside perspective, revealing any unintended information or vulnerabilities exposed to the public, as well from the backend, combing through your code and system architecture to find potential weaknesses. Our services include Manual Inspection and Review, Threat Modeling, Penetration Testing, Code Review, and Infrastructure Review. The end goal is to find potential vulnerabilities and recommend architecture improvements to maximize security and performance.

Source Code Review

Using both manual and automated techniques, and working inside our OWASP framework, we primarily look for potential vulnerabilities, security functions performed on the client side, flawed business logic, client-side access control, cryptographic functions, and any comments or details left by the developers. We look through all code, any included JavaScript, framework-specific generated code, third-party plugins, and any other dynamically generated DOM/HTML. Our Final Report gives a complete view of the security stance and lists fixes for all issues found.

Manual Testing Approach

Unlike many web app pen test providers, we do not simply run a piece of software against your application and see what the program spits out. Our AppSec team uses hands-on manual techniques to safely and securely take a deep dive and ensure a proper review from top to bottom. In addition to ensuring that we provide the most thorough and accurate assessment possible, our methods virtually eliminates the risk of an unintended DoS attack during the exercise, which is a potential risk when automated testing techniques are used.

Modeled around OWASP Methodology

Grid32’s work approach for web-application penetration tests is modeled around the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) testing methodology and as such follows the current OWASP recommendations and best-practices. We built our proprietary testing methodology specifically around the OWASP testing guide as it is the definitive resource for web-application penetration tests. Using this approach allows us to be creative in our approach while staying within a secure framework.

Server Auditing

We can audit your server environment, including the overall hosting environment and the configuration of your OS and software.

Stress Testing / DoS Testing

We can test your application for expected peak traffic conditions or simulate a Denial of Service (DoS) attack and recommend improvements.