Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Employees

Turn on your organization’s “Human Firewall”

Grid32 provides on-site employee cybersecurity training, ensuring your staff are properly trained to protect your organization from information security threats. Untrained users are often susceptible to social engineering and other human-based attacks.

Potentially your greatest risk

The weakest links in many organizations are unknowing employees who do not understand the value of the information and credentials they control.

Administered by our cybersecurity experts

Our engaging and interactive on-site training seminar is administered on-site by a Grid32 cybersecurity expert. The sessions include our five areas of training and a question and answer session.

Turn on your “Human Firewall”

Our training is geared towards “deputizing” your staff to be proactive and wary. They learn to keep a sharp eye out for attacks and alert management/IT when they spot something. Rather than having your users susceptible to attacks such as phishing and social engineering, they instead become a new layer of defense who work in concert with the information security team to protect the organization.

Cybersecurity Training Topics

Our employee cybersecurity training program teaches these 5 key topics:

  • Topic 1: Understand You Are A Target

  • Topic 2: Using Secure Passwords

  • Topic 3: Be Aware Of Social Engineering

  • Topic 4: How To Access, Send, & Store Data

  • Topic 5: Protect Yourself From Malware

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