Cyber-Security Awareness Training for Employees

Turn on your organization’s “Human Firewall”

Grid32 provides a series of courses for employee cyber-security training, ensuring your staff are properly trained to protect your organization from information security threats. Untrained users are often susceptible to social engineering and other human-based attacks.

Potentially your greatest risk

The weakest links in many organizations are unknowing employees who do not understand the value of the information and credentials they control.

Administered Live or Online

Training can be delivered online via our web-based LMS platform or administered on-site via a live training seminar conducted by a Grid32 Security Expert.

Cyber-Security Awareness Training Sections

  • Part 1: Why Employees Need To Protect Your Organization

  • Part 2: Password Security

  • Part 3: Email and Secure Communications

  • Part 4: Social Engineering

  • Part 5: Malware