Network Penetration Testing Services

Find the weaknesses in your network

A Penetration Test, or PenTest for short, is a service where we attack your network and computer systems using real-world tools and techniques in order to find security weaknesses. We identify specific risks to your business systems and data and provide proven mitigation strategies.  You are essentially hiring hackers that you know you can trust to break into your network and show you how an attack would be perpetrated before a malicious attacker can perpetrate the same attack.

Technology environments have gotten increasingly complex and it is harder than ever to watch over your entire infrastructure. Having an independent team of experts audit your security is a valuable tool that is guaranteed to uncover vulnerabilities and greatly increase your level of security.


Simulate a Real-World Attack

See how your defenses hold up in a simulated attack by our team of certified experts. This is the best way to see where your defenses are sound and where lapses will occur in a real-world event.

Peace of Mind

It is difficult for internal IT staff and leaders to objectively look at the systems that they build and control. Our independent perspective and unique expertise will reveal the issues you are unaware of but an attacker would find.

We Work With Your IT Staff, Not Against Them

The goal of a security exercise is not to reveal deficiencies in the performance of the IT Staff, but rather to support them. IT Staff are pressured to make things easy-to-use and functional, which diametrically oppose security.  Our assessment aids the IT Staff, giving them a road-map for making their networks bulletproof.  Just like a CFO needs a CPA firm to audit their financials, an independent audit from a security firm like Grid32 provides valuable insight and guidance.

Penetration Test Process


The Grid32 team will gather evidence and data on the target of the attack, using both active and passive techniques, in an attempt to find accessible information that could pose a risk.

Scanning & Enumeration

Following the Reconnaissance stage, Grid32 will run a variety of information gathering tools in order to enumerate computers and devices that the team may be able to access.

Vulnerability Mapping & Penetration

Grid32 will look for vulnerabilities in enumerated computers and devices and attempt to exploit them. If successfully penetrated, the team will attempt to escalate privileges and gain further access into the network, including the points at which sensitive data can be accessed.

Detailed Final Report

Throughout the penetration test, Grid32 will document and record the exercise. Grid32 will provide a report of the penetration test which will include all vulnerabilities discovered, what data was obtained from the network, and the actions that need to be taken to ensure security issues are resolved. The report will be strictly confidential.