Grid32 donates time so Newark students can learn an “Hour of Code”

By December 11, 2013 InfoSec No Comments

As part of this year’s Computer Science Education Week, Grid32 donated some of our time to teach an “Hour of Code” to a group of 8th graders at Newark’s Science Park High School.  The program was coordinated by the City of Newark and is a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify “code” and show that anyone can learn the basics of programming.  In our technology driven world, there is an ever growing need for programmers and technology-savvy workers. Even for those who are not interested in becoming programmers per se, having an understanding of how technology works and the logic and thought processes used to make it function are valuable skills that translate into many other fields as well.

Another great positive from this event was that it showed the students that these skills translate into the real-world. As stated by Argyrios Milonas, VP of Curriculum & Instruction for Math/Tech at Science Park High, “In addition to the hands on learning experiences Grid32 provided, it is truly important that students understand that there are people who use the skills we promote in school in important work throughout industry.  Grid32 provided them living examples of this.”

The students spent an hour learning how to code in HTML, including making a model solar system appear in a webpage.  We were really impressed by how well all of the kids grasped the lesson and we definitely noticed a few future programmers and hackers in there.  Grid32 would like to thank Science Park High School for allowing us to participate and we wish all of the kids we taught the best of luck in their futures with technology.

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